Intellilyrics search plugin

Snow player can automatically search internet for the current track lyrics using plugin.
This plugin search for song texts like the humans do.

- Run misc_intellilyrics.dll  from the plugins manager (hotkey F6)
- Use the console (hotkey F12). To run plugin type runplugin misc_intellilyrics

This will open a window that will automatically search lyrics when track has been changed.

All the downloaded lyrics are saving to a folder \plugins\intellilyrics cache\. You can edit song lyrics,
but do not forget to save changes after editing by pressing Save button at the bottom of lyrics window.
When needed lyrics found in cache, plugin will use it instead of internet search. If you want to force
google search for lyrics, just delete cached lyrics by pressing Delete button.
Zoom in, Zoom out and Reset zoom buttons controls lyrics window font size.

Tired of editing unnecessary lines into lyrics? We've too. Folder \plugins\intellilyrics rules\ contains
a plain-text rules, that intellilyrics will apply to a corresponding site. You can easily add your own rules
for the processing. There are just 2 lines per site - "start of lyrics" and "end of lyrics" line signature.